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Magnetography: A novel Characterization Tool for Li-Ion-Batteries

  • Timm Bergholz (a1), Theodor Nuñez (a1), Jürgen Wackerl (a1), Carsten Korte (a1) and Detlef Stolten (a1)...


The application of magnetography as a novel method to determine the state of charge (SoC) of commercial Li-ion Batteries is reported. The method is non-invasive and nondestructive and suitable to be applied during normal operation. It is based on spatially resolved measurement of the magnetic field B , induced by the changing current flow during cycling. A standardized measurement setup and procedure for conventional AMR-sensors has been developed, offering high reproducibility (∼0.1%) and the chance to characterize the different spatial components of the magnetic field (B x , B y , B z ). The percentage deviation of the B -distributions for different SoCs for a given current load reveals significant differences. A change of B of up to 20% between SoCs of 90% and 10% is found. The influence of current density at different SoC reveals a constant magnetic susceptibility χ at low SoC and a field dependent χ at high SoC. Both effects are attributed to the change of the magnetic properties upon varying the amount of intercalated lithium in the transition metal (LixNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2) based intercalation cathode. The method can be used to provide an additional parameter for SoCestimation to battery management systems.



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