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Magnetic Resonance Studies of GaN-Based Single- Quantum Well LEDs

  • W. E. Carlos (a1), E. R. Glaser (a1), T. A. Kennedy (a1) and Shuji Nakamura (a2)


We report electrically-detected magnetic resonance (EDMR) and electroluminescence-detected magnetic resonance (ELDMR) results on InGaN/AJGaN single-quantum-well light emitting diodes. The dominant feature detected by either technique is a broad resonance (ΔB ≈ 13 mT) at g ≈ 2.01 which is enhanced by high current stressing. Our ELDMR measurements show that, depending on bias, this defect is predominately associated with either an increase or a decrease in electroluminescence at resonance while our EDMR measurements show that this resonance is associated with an increase in current at resonance before stressing and a decrease after stressing. We suggest that this is associated with a nonradiative recombination path, in parallel with the radiative recombination path and with recombination in the depletion region of a contact. A second resonance, more prominent before stressing, with g ≈ 1.99 and ΔB ∽ 7 mT is very similar to the deep donor trap, previously observed in double heterostructure diodes and is associated with a decrease in both the current and electroluminescence at resonance.



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Magnetic Resonance Studies of GaN-Based Single- Quantum Well LEDs

  • W. E. Carlos (a1), E. R. Glaser (a1), T. A. Kennedy (a1) and Shuji Nakamura (a2)


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