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Magnetic Properties of Spin Quantum Cross Devices Utilizing Stray Magnetic Fields

  • Hideo Kaiju (a1), Haruya Kasa (a1), Takashi Komine (a2), Taro Abe (a1), Takahiro Misawa (a1) and Junji Nishii (a1)...


We investigate structural and magnetic properties of Co thin-film electrodes used in a new type of spin quantum cross (SQC) devices, in which a strong stray magnetic field could be generated between the both edges of magnetic thin-film electrodes. We also calculate the stray field between the two edges of Co thin-film electrodes in SQC devices and discuss the possibility to novel spintronics devices. As a result of magnetic force microscopy (MFM) observations, the stray fields are generated from the Co edges, and they are uniformly distributed. This result indicates that magnetic single-domain structures can be formed. This is consistent with the result obtained by magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE). The theoretical calculation reveals that the stray field exhibits as high as 7000 Oe under the condition that the distance between the two Co edges is 5 nm and the Co thickness is 19 nm. These results indicate that SQC devices utilizing stray fields can be expected as novel spintronics devices, such as spin filtering devices and beyond CMOS switching devices.



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