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Magnetic Properties of Low-Ca Fly Ash: A Rapid Tool for Fe-Assessment and a Survey for Potentially Hazardous Elements

  • M.J. Dekkers (a1) and H.S. Pietersen (a2)


Between 20 and 50 per cent of the total iron in low-Ca fly ashes resides in low-substitution magnetite spinel with Curie temperatures in between 565 and 590°C. A TEM study reveals that the spinel consists of aggregates of closely spaced spherules of 10 – 30 nm in diameter, which is in complete agreement with rock magnetic determinations. The low-field magnetic susceptibility correlates extremely well with total iron and fairly well with specific heavy metals. Measurement of the magnetic susceptibility may serve as a rapid tool for the evaluation of the speciation of these heavy metals in fly ash.



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Magnetic Properties of Low-Ca Fly Ash: A Rapid Tool for Fe-Assessment and a Survey for Potentially Hazardous Elements

  • M.J. Dekkers (a1) and H.S. Pietersen (a2)


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