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Magnetic Properties of Co/Pt Multilayers on MgO (100) Substrates

  • R. Krishnan (a1), H. Lassri (a1), M. Porte (a1), M. Tessier (a1) and N. K. Flevaris (a2)...


We have prepared Co/Pt multilayers by evaporation in UHV on MgO (100) substrates kept at various temperatures. Most of the samples were grown on a Pt buffer layer. Magnetic and magneto-optical properties have been studied. The surface anisotropy Ks for MgO substrates is 0.35−2 which is smaller than 0.6−2 obtained for glass substrates. The effect of the growth conditions on Ks is observed only for t(Co)<10 Å where the crossover to Keff>O occurs. Deposition at higher temperature leads to an increase in the coercivity. The magnetization and the anisotropy is practically temperature independent in the range 5 to 295 K. However the coercivity increases sharply below 100K.



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