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Magnetic Interactions Study in ZnO Doped with Fe Ions Produced by Thermal Diffusion Processes

  • R. Baca (a1), M. Galván (a2), J. V. Méndez (a3), J. A. Andraca (a3) and R. Peña (a2)...


Recently, the oxides have received attention and great interest due to their magnetic ordering above of the room temperature by doping a very low amount of transition metal ions, which are very promising for applications such as biosensing, hyperthermia, doped magnetic semiconductors with lower energy losses and rapid response at alternating-magnetic fields. In this work the magnetic interactions on Fe doped ZnO thin-films was studied. Raman spectroscopy allowed the monitoring of iron ions diffusion and demonstrated that symmetry modes are crucial for understanding of the magnetic ordering. X-ray diffraction (XRD) was used to determine the oxidation state of the iron ions and stress into ZnO lattice. MFM confirmed that magnetic moments and magnetic forces on scanned surface depend on magnetic-domain structure formation.



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