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Magnetic Dichroism in Resonant Photoemission and Photoabsorption from Gd Metal

  • K. Starke (a1), G. Van Der Laan (a1), Z. Hu (a1), E. Arenholz (a1), E. Navas (a1), A Bauer (a1), A. Mühlig (a1), C. S- Langeheine (a1), E. Weschke (a1), J. Goodkoep (a1), N. Brookes (a1) and G. Kaindl (a1)...


We report on the study of MCD in resonant PE, using Gd metal as an example. When the photon energy is changed across the Gd 4d → 4ƒ excitation region, the PE-MCD spectrum varies substantially. Based on atomic-multiplet theory, we present a consistent picture of MCD in resonant 4d → 4ƒ PE and x-ray absorption at the 4d-edge, where all spectral changes can be explained by the angular-momentum of the intermediate absorption state. The present analysis shows: when tuning to a specific line of the 4d x-ray absorption spectrum with a total angular momentum J', only the associate multiplet component is found to resonate. At the ‘giant resonance’, the shape of the MCD-PE signal closely resembles the off-resonance case; this finding is explained within atomic-multiplet theory allowing a straightforward use of MCD in 4d-resonant PE (i) for element-specific analysis of multicomponent magnetic systems with high surface sensitivity and (ii) for surface-domain imaging by PE microscopy.



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