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Magnetic Chiral Dichroism Studies using Energy Filtered Images

  • Etienne Snoeck (a1), Benedicte Warot-Fonrose (a2), Christophe Gatel (a3) and Florent Houdellier (a4)


We present the quantitative measurement of inelastic intensity distributions in diffraction patterns with the aim of studying magnetic materials. The original idea of using inelastic signal in a transmission electron microscope to measure magnetic information has been proposed recently by Schattschneider et al [1] and various experimental set-ups can be imagined [2,3]. We focus on a new experimental configuration which we use to acquire and collect a map of the signal with a high signal-to-noise ratio. We will also present the numerical treatments that need to be performed to get spatially accurate information and energy resolution. We will illustrate our method studying iron single crystal and discuss the effects of the drift and non-isochromaticity corrections.



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