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Luminescence Properties of Yb-Doped Inp

  • H. J. Lozykowski (a1), A. K. Alshawa (a1), G. Pomrenke (a2) and I. Brown (a3)


The photoluminescence, time resolved spectra and kinetics of Yb implanted InP samples are studied under pulsed and CW excitations (above and below band-gap) at different temperatures and excitation intensity. The photoluminescence intensity and decay time as a function of temperature is explained by a proposed new quenching mechanism involving Fe ion. The rise and decay times depend on excitation intensity. The above experimental facts was explained using the kinetics model developed by H.J. Lozykowski [2]. The numerically simulated luminescence rise and decay times show a good quantitative agreement with experiment, over a wide range of generation rates. The electric field InP:Yb photoluminescence quenching was investigated and reported for the first time.



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