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Luminescence Properties of Rare-Earth Ions in Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Mesostructured Thin Films

  • Anne-Christine Franville (a1), Bruce Dunn (a2) and Jeffrey I. Zink (a3)


This paper describes the preparation of hybrid surfactant-templated thin films functionalized with rare-earth (Eu3+ and Tb3+) organic complexes. 2-D hexagonally ordered films are obtained by a one-pot synthesis process based on an acid-catalyzed approach. Ln3+ ions are coordinated to bis-silylated ligands that co-polymerize with TEOS, which enables one to incorporate the fluorescent centers within the silica framework. Luminescent properties of the organic-inorganic mesostructured films are discussed and compared to those of amorphous samples with similar composition.



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