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Luminescence of doped nanocrystalline ZnSe

  • J. F. Suyver (a1), S. F. Wuister (a1), T. van der Beek (a1), J. J. Kelly (a1) and A. Meijerink (a1)...


Luminescence of nanocrystalline ZnSe:Mn2+ and ZnSe:Cu2+ prepared via an organic chemical synthesis method are described. The spectra show distinct ZnSe, Mn2+ and Cu2+ related emissions, all of which are excited via the host lattice. The Mn2+ emission wavelength depends on the concentration of Mn2+incorporated into the ZnSe lattice, which is attributed to the presence of Mn2+ pair-states at higher concentrations. The ZnSe:Cu2+ luminescence was studied as a function of the crystal-size. Temperature-dependent photoluminescence spectra and photoluminescence lifetime measurements are also presented and the results are compared to those of Mn2+ and Cu2+ in bulk ZnSe.


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Luminescence of doped nanocrystalline ZnSe

  • J. F. Suyver (a1), S. F. Wuister (a1), T. van der Beek (a1), J. J. Kelly (a1) and A. Meijerink (a1)...


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