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Luminescence efficiency of InGaN/GaN quantum wells on bulk GaN substrate

  • Matthias Dworzak (a1), Thomas Stempel (a2), Axel Hoffmann (a3), Gijs Franssen (a4), Tadeusz Suski (a5), R. Czernecki (a6), M. Leszczynski (a7) and I. Grzegory (a8)...


Time-integrated and time-resolved photoluminescence measurements on InGaN quantum wells grown by MOCVD on two different substrates (sapphire and GaN) show that the lumi-nescence efficiency in these structures strongly depends on the intensity of carrier excitation. While at low excitation densities the recombination of excited carriers is governed by local-ization effects the behavior drastically changes at higher densities. At room temperature a suppression of nonradiative recombination could be observed that leads to an super linear increase of the luminescence.



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