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Lpcvd Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Films: The Evolution of Structure, Texture and Stress

  • P. Krulevitch (a1), Tai D. Nguyen (a2) (a3), G. C. Johnson (a1), R. T. Howe (a4), H. R. Wenk (a5) and R. Gronsky (a2)...


An investigation of undoped LPCVD polycrystalline silicon films deposited at temperatures ranging from 605 to 700 C and silane pressures from 300 to 550 mTorr revealed large variations in stress with processing conditions and a correlation between stress and texture. TEM and HRTEM analysis show that morphology differences also exist. At lower temperatures (≈605 C) and higher pressures (≈400 mTorr), the films appear to deposit in an amorphous state and crystallize during the deposition to form microstructures characterized by equi-axed grains, tensile residual stress, and a texture with {110} and {11/} (/=2 or 3) components. Higher temperatures (between 620 and 650 C) produce films that nucleate at the Si02 interface, creating a {110} oriented columnar microstructure. At 700 C, the grains are still columnar, but the dominant texture is {100}. Films deposited at temperatures greater than 620 C exhibit compressive stress, and some contain regions of hexagonal silicon. This paper proposes possible causes of the varying stresses, textures, and microstructures in the films.



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Lpcvd Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Films: The Evolution of Structure, Texture and Stress

  • P. Krulevitch (a1), Tai D. Nguyen (a2) (a3), G. C. Johnson (a1), R. T. Howe (a4), H. R. Wenk (a5) and R. Gronsky (a2)...


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