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The LPCVD of Silicon Nitride Films from Alkylazidosilanes

  • David A. Roberts (a1), Arthur K. Hochberg (a1), David L. O'Meara (a2), Felicia Rusnak (a1) and Herman Hockenhull (a1)...


The series of azidosilanes, SiEtn(N3)4-n where n = 1,2,3 and Si(t-butyl)(N3)3 were evaluated for the LPCVD of silicon nitride thin films. Both SiEt(N3)3 and Si(t-butyl)(N3)3 gave deposition rates of approximately 100 Å/min at temperatures of 450–500°C but films appear to be porous and air sensitive. Film properties improved as deposition temperatures were increased to 600°C. The polyazides must be handled with extreme caution. An unexplained detonation of one sample of SiEt(N3)3 occurred during the course of this study.



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