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Low-Voltage Organic Thin Film Transistors on Flexible Plastic Substrates with Anodized Ta2O5 Gate Insulators

  • Youji Inoue (a1), Yoshihide Fujisaki (a1), Yoshiki Iino (a1), Hiroshi Kikuchi (a1), Shizuo Tokito (a1) and Fumio Sato (a1)...


Organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) that operate at low voltage were fabricated using a tantalum oxide (Ta2O5) gate insulator on plastic substrates. The Ta2O5 insulator was prepared by anodizing a Ta gate electrode. The high dielectric constant of the Ta2O5 enabled the OTFTs to operate at a lower voltage than those of previous devices. The OTFTs exhibited a high field-effect mobility of 0.35 - 0.51 cm2/Vs, and a current on/off ratio of 105-106 at gate voltages of less than 5 V. The threshold voltage of -1.1 V and the subthreshold slope of 0.2 V/decade were the best among those reported to date. We also demonstrated operation of a phosphorescent organic light-emitting device (OLED) with the OTFT operating at a low voltage.



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