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Low-Temperature Growth and Structural Characterization of GaAs Using Ionized Source Beam Epitaxy

  • D.-W. Roh (a1) and K. Kim (a2)


Single-crystal GaAs films were grown on SI (100) GaAs at substrate temperatures below 200 °C by using ionized source beam epitaxy. The correlation between the properties of the films and the growth parameters, in particular, the substrate temperature, the amount of As-source beam ionization, and the acceleration voltage of the As beam was investigated to elucidate the possible benefits of source beam ionization and acceleration on low-temperature thin film growth. The use of ionized and accelerated As-source beam greatly improved the quality of the low-temperature grown GaAs film. The surface morphology, crystallinity, and micro structure of the low temperature grown GaAs films were evaluated using in situ reflection high energy electron diffraction, double crystal X-ray diffraction, and cross section transmission electron microscopy.



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Low-Temperature Growth and Structural Characterization of GaAs Using Ionized Source Beam Epitaxy

  • D.-W. Roh (a1) and K. Kim (a2)


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