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Low-Temperature Deposition of ZrC thin films from a Single-Source Precursor

  • David C. Smith (a1), Rodrigo R. Rubiano (a2), Matthew D. Healy (a1) and Robert W. Springer (a1)


Stable zirconium carbide thin films have been deposited from a singlesource organometallic precursor, tetraneopentyl zirconium, at substrate temperatures above 500 °C. Materials deposited above this temperature are crystalline by X-ray diffraction. A metal to carbon ratioof 1:2 is observed by Auger electron spectroscopy depth profiling. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy indicates the zirconium is single phase. The observed spectra correspond well to spectra for zirconium carbide standards. Carbon XPS reveals carbidic and graphitic or hydrocarbon species with a third unknown carbon species. Elastic recoil detection finds a large, up to 16%, hydrogen content in the thin film.



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