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Low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition of Polycrystalline Silicon and Silicon Dioxide By Rapid Thermal Processing

  • Mehmet C. Öztürk (a1), Jimmie J. Wortman (a1), Yu-Lin Zhong (a1), Xiao-Wei Ren (a1), Roderick M. Miller (a1), F. Scott Johnson (a1), Douglas T. Grider (a1) and David A. Abercrombie (a1)...


Low-pressure chemical vapor deposition of polycrystalline silicon and silicon dioxide in a lampheated cold-wall rapid thermal processor have been investigated. Silicon dioxide films have been deposited by thermal decomposition of tetraethylorthosilicate known as TEOS. The technique can be used for rapid deposition of good quality thick passivation layers at moderate temperatures. Polycrystalline silicon depositions have been accomplished using silane (SiH4) diluted in argon as the reactive gas. Surface roughness and resistivity of the films deposited at temperatures above 700°C are comparable in quality to films deposited in a conventional LPCVD reactor at 610°C. In this temperature range, deposition rates as high as 4000Å/min can be obtained.



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