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Low-Dielectric Constant Film Formation By Plasma Fluorination Of Hydrocarbon Polymers

  • Hiroshi Kudo (a1), Rika Shinohara (a1) and Masao Yamada (a1)


We have investigated plasma fluorination of hydrocarbon polymer films spincoated onto silicon wafers. Fluorinated hydrocarbon polymers gave low dielectric constants of 2.0 – 2.4 which was close to that of PTFE. However, the thermal stability of these fluorinated polymers inferior to that of the non-fluorinated polymers. We believe that this is due to a decrease in the molecular weight resulting from C-C bond cleavage. We think that such a side reaction will be controlled by removing residual oxygen in a fluorination chamber. The molecular structures of the fluorinated polymers were analyzed by X-ray photo emission spectroscopy. Finally, we proposed direct patterning of interlayer dielectrics using plasma fluorination.



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