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Low-Contact-Resistance Contacts to Graphene via Metal-Mediated Etching

  • Wei Sun Leong (a1) and John T.L. Thong (a1)


The theoretically-predicted enhancement of metal-graphene contacts using the “end-contacted” configuration is studied. Graphene edges at the source/drain regions are created via a CMOS process compatible metal-assisted etching technique. The on-resistance of a graphene device with cobalt-etched-graphene contacts shows 6 times improvement compared to pristine graphene device. Apart from that, four-point contacted graphene devices with nickel-etched-graphene contacts were fabricated and tested under ambient conditions. The proposed graphene devices exhibit contact resistance as low as 14 Ωμm, with an average of 90 Ωμm. Thus, forming metal-etched-graphene contacts is a promising method to obtain low-contact resistance metal contacts to graphene.


Corresponding author


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Low-Contact-Resistance Contacts to Graphene via Metal-Mediated Etching

  • Wei Sun Leong (a1) and John T.L. Thong (a1)


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