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Low Thermal Budget Processing Of Organic Dielectrics

  • R. Sharangpani (a1), R. Singh (a1), K. C. Cherukuri (a1) and R.P.S. Thakur (a2)


Low dielectric constant organic materials are ideal for use as interconnect dielectrics forintegrated circuits. As compared to silicon dioxide, organic dielectrics with K <3.84 reducepower dissipation, crosstilk and RC delays in interconnects. Curing is essential afterdeposition of these materials to initiate polymerization reactions and form films of desirableelectrical properties. For high performance and reliability, low thermal budget processing isa necessity. Rapid isothermal processing (RIP) based on the use of dual spectral sources isa potential technique to lower the thermal budget. In this paper, we demonstrate the role ofphotoeffects in the curing of polyimide films (K∼2.6) using a rapid isothermal processor witha dual spectral source (Tungsten Halogen and vacuum ultra violet (VUV) lamps) as a sourceof optical and thermal energy. Lamp configurations that allowed a greater availability of ultraviolet and vacuum ultra violet photons on the film to initiate physical and chemical processesallowed a lower curing temperature to achieve the same level of immidization. Furthermore, these samples also gave the lowest leakage current and film stress. Therefore, the rapidheating and cooling features of rapid isothermal processing in conjunction with lowerprocessing temperature through the use of high energy photons to enhance surface reactionsgive superior film properties



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Low Thermal Budget Processing Of Organic Dielectrics

  • R. Sharangpani (a1), R. Singh (a1), K. C. Cherukuri (a1) and R.P.S. Thakur (a2)


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