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A Low Temperature Vaporization of Pb(THD)2 with NH3

  • June Key Lee (a1), Wan In Lee (a1) and Seshu B. Desu (a2)


Pb(THD)2 is one of the most popular CVD precursors for lead. It was found in this study that the volatility of Pb(THD)2 can be considerably improved by using ammonia as a carrier gas. An adduct between Pb(THD)2 and NH3 is generated in-situ, when the NH3 carrier gas is passed through the bubbler containing Pb(THD)2. The ammoniated precursor was isolated and its molecular structure was characterized by elemental analysis, infrared and NM.R. PbO thin films could be prepared with this precursor system while maintaining the bubbler temperature at 110° C, which is considerably lower than the temperature used with the Pb(THD)2 precursor in the commonly used carrier gas.



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A Low Temperature Vaporization of Pb(THD)2 with NH3

  • June Key Lee (a1), Wan In Lee (a1) and Seshu B. Desu (a2)


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