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Low Temperature OMVPE of ZnSe from Alkyl Sources Using a Plasma Disk Lamp

  • K. L. Tokuda (a1), B. Pihlstrom (a2), D. W. Kisker (a1), M. Lamont Schnoes (a3) and G. J. Collins (a2)...


The growth of high quality ZnSe by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy (OMVPE) has generally been hindered because of parasitic source pre-reactions or relatively high source decomposition temperatures. In this work, we have used vacuum ultraviolet photons generated by a disk-plasma lamp to assist the ZnSe growth process using diethylselenium and diethylzinc as source materials. This approach has resulted in satisfactory growth rates and high material quality at temperatures as low as 250°C, without the limitations of prereaction typically observed when H2Se is used for the selenium source material. In addition, the alkyl selenium compound offers advantages due to reduced toxicity compared to H2Se. This new, low-growth-temperature process thus offers the possibility of improved stoichiometry and impurity incorporation control as well as a reduced thermal effect on the underlying substrate during growth. At the same time, the advantages of excellent morphology and uniformity typically exhibited by the alkylbased growth processes are retained.



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Low Temperature OMVPE of ZnSe from Alkyl Sources Using a Plasma Disk Lamp

  • K. L. Tokuda (a1), B. Pihlstrom (a2), D. W. Kisker (a1), M. Lamont Schnoes (a3) and G. J. Collins (a2)...


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