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Low Temperature Deposition of Zinc Oxide Films

  • H. W. Lee (a1), Y. G. Wang (a1), S. P. Lau (a1) and B. K. Tay (a1)


A detailed study of zinc oxide (ZnO) films prepared by filtered cathodic vacuum arc (FCVA) technique was carried out. To deposit the films, a pure zinc target was used and O2 was fed into the chamber. The electrical properties of both undoped and Al-doped ZnO films were studied. For preparing the Al-doped films, a Zn-Al alloy target with 5 wt % Al was used. The resistivity, Hall mobility and carrier concentration of the samples were measured. The lowest resistivity that can be achieved with undoped ZnO films was 3.4×10-3 Ωcm, and that for Al-doped films was 8×10-4 Ωcm. The carrier concentration was found to increase with Al doping.



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