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Low Pressure MOCVD Growth and Characterization of GaAs and InP on Silicon Substrates

  • M. Razeghi (a1), M. Defour (a1), F. Omnes (a1), J. Nagle (a1), P. Maurel (a1), O. Acher (a1), A. Huber (a1) and D. Mijuin (a1)...


High quality GaAs and InP have been grown on silicon substrates, using low pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition technique. The growth temperature is 550°C and the growth rate 100 A/min.

Photoluminescence, X-ray diffraction and electrochemical profiling verified the high quality of these layers. The use of superlattices as buffer layers, (GaAs/GaInP) in the case of GaAs/Si and (GaInAsP/InP) in the case of InP/Si, decreased the amount of misfit dislocations in the epitaxial layer. Carrier concentrations as low as 5.1015 cm−3 have been measured by electrochemical profiling.



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