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Low Cost Filled Thermostable Ionomer Membrane for P.E.M.F.C.

  • C. Poinsignon (a1), I. Amodio (a2), D. Foscallo (a2) and J.Y. Sanchez (a2)


A filled ionomeric membrane was achieved by dispersing phosphatoantimonic acid H3Sb3P2014, ×H20 (H3) in a Sulfonated PolySulfone (SPS) solution [1]. Water up-take is higher for filled than unfilled membrane as well as Protonic conductivity which is larger than that expected from the overall calculated concentration in charge carriers : a conductivity value of 0.135−1 was gained at 50°C under 1003% Relative Humidity (HR) for a 1.6 meq.g−1 cationic exchange capacity (cec) SPS filled with 8% in H3 against−1 for an unfilled one. Mechanical measurements on the wet membrane shows the plasticizing effect of sulfonation, water and of the filler content which simultanously reinforced the cohesion of the membrane.



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Low Cost Filled Thermostable Ionomer Membrane for P.E.M.F.C.

  • C. Poinsignon (a1), I. Amodio (a2), D. Foscallo (a2) and J.Y. Sanchez (a2)


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