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Long-term behavior of R7T7-type nuclear glass: Current state of knowledge and outlook

  • S. Gin (a1), N. Godon (a1), I. Ribet (a1), P. Jollivet (a1), Y. Minet (a1), P. Frugier (a1), E. Vernaz (a1), J.M. Cavedon (a2), B. Bonin (a3) (a4) and R. Do Quang (a3)...


This article reviews current knowledge of the long-term behavior of R7T7-type glass during the thermal phase and in geological repository conditions (aqueous alteration). In interim storage R7T7 glass can be considered to conserve its integrity over time. In geological repository conditions, the mechanisms of glass alteration by water have been identified and parameter values have been assigned to the reaction kinetics for wide variations of the influential factors (temperature, pH, flow rate, S/V ratio, etc.). CEA has developed an operational model to obtain robust and reasonably conservative predictions of the glass quantities altered after disposal. Examples of applications of the operational model are discussed, future research topics are also proposed to consolidate this approach.



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