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Long Distance Fracture Surface Roughness on a Dendritic Aluminum Alloy

  • J. Aldaco (a1), F.J. Garza (a1) and M. Hinojosa (a2)


The long distance roughness of the fracture surface of a dendritic aluminum alloy is studied over a wide range of length scales. Self-affinity analysis was performed over samples broken in Charpy impact tests. Simultaneous use of Atomic Force Microscopy, SEM and stylus profilometry allowed us to cover a wide spectrum of length scales, spanning over seven decades, from a few nanometers up to one centimeter. The roughness exponent and correlation length were obtained using the variable bandwidth method. For the roughness exponent, a value of 0.8 was obtained, corresponding to the reported universal exponent. Correlation length was found to correspond well to the characteristic length of the largest heterogeneities in the complex microstructure. Our results provide information that can help to improve our understanding of the role of microstructural parameters on crack propagation mechanisms.



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