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Location Control of Laterally Columnar Si Grains by Dual-Beam Excimer-Laser Melting of Si Thin-Film

  • Ryoichi Ishihara (a1)


The offset of the underlying TiW is introduced in the island of Si, SiO2 and TiW on glass. During the dual-beam excimer-irradiation to the Si and the TiW, the offset in TiW acts as an extra heat source, which melts completely the Si film near the edge, whereas the Si inside is partially melted. The laterally columnar Si grains with a length of 3.2 μm were grown from the inside of the island towards the edge. By changing the shape of the edge, the direction of the solidification of the grain was successfully controlled in such a way that the all grain-boundaries are directed towards the edge and a single grain expands. The grain-boundary-free area as large as 4 μm × 3 μm was obtained at a predetermined position of glass.



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