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Location Control of Crystal Grains in Excimer Laser Crystallization of Silicon Thin Films for Single-Grain TFTs

  • Hideya Kumomi (a1), Hiroaki Wakiyama (a2), Gou Nakagawa (a2), Kenji Makihira (a2) and Tanemasa Asano (a2)...


Location of crystal grains is controlled in excimer laser crystallization (ELC) of amorphous Si (a-Si) thin films, aiming at a high-performance single-grain thin film transistor (TFT) whose channel is inside a single crystal grain with no grain boundary in the channel. The location control is achieved by manipulating seed-crystal forming sites in the starting thin film. The sites are small portions of the a-Si thin film, typically 1 μm in diameter, only in which nanometer-sized crystallites are embedded in the amorphous matrix. During the ELC, at least one crystallite survives the melting duration and serves as a seed crystal for the resolidification of the surrounding molten silicon. As a result, large crystal grains are formed at the predetermined sites. The TFTs whose channels are fabricated at the location-controlled crystal grains exhibit higher performance than the random polycrystalline Si (poly-Si) TFTs.



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