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Localized Light Focusing and Super Resolution Readout via Chalcogenide Thin Film

  • Junji Tominaga (a1), Paul Fons (a2), Takayuki Shima (a3), Kazuma Kurihara (a4), Takashi Nakano (a5), Alexander Kolobov (a6) and Stephane Petit (a7)...


We have demonstrated that certain chalcogenide layers within a spinning super-RENS optical disc allow to squeeze the 650 nm laser beam to a spot size as fine as 50 nm using a 15-nm chalcogenide film. The near-field light was focused at a depth of just over 30 nm after passing through a chalcogenide film. Finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulations also reproduced these results. We suggest that a conductive ring aperture generated in the chalcogenide layers plays an important role in the localized light focusing.



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