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Localized, In-Situ Vacuum Measurements For MEMS Packaging

  • Nicholas Moelders (a1), James T. Daly (a1), Anton C. Greenwald (a1), Edward A. Johnson (a1) and Mark P. McNeal (a1)...


MEMS devices have unique packaging considerations compared to conventional semiconductor devices. They tend to have relatively large die size and many architectures cannot tolerate elevated temperatures. Often these devices require a vacuum environment for efficient operation. While advances have been made in hermetic packaging of MEMS devices, vacuum packaging remains elusive. One significant problem in developing vacuum sealing has been the inability to determine, readily and non-destructively, the vacuum level inside the package. We have previously described the development of a silicon MEMS-based chip design, “SensorChip,” with integrated photonic crystal and reflective optics, which uses narrow-band optical emission and absorption for selective identification of gas and chemical species. Because the power consumption required to maintain a specific temperature is directly related to the vacuum level, these devices effectively serve as microscopic Pirani gauges – local vacuum sensors in the moderate vacuum range (0.01 to 1.0 torr) of interest to MEMS devices. Using the membrane itself as a vacuum gauge during sealing has proven to be an invaluable tool in developing a robust vacuum seal in a leadless chip carrier package. It has enabled us to optimize choice of design, materials and processing.



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