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Local Stress Assessment of CVD Diamond with Micro-Raman Spectroscopy Up To 1200K

  • Li-Chyong Chen (a1), Kuei-Hsien Chen (a2), Yen-Liang Lai (a2) and Jin-Yu Wu (a2)


Raman spectra in CVD diamond films were measured at room temeprature and at high temperatures up to 1200 K. With micron spatial resolution, variations of Raman line from different crystals in the same sample were observed. Both single-peak and multiple-peak analyses were used to assess the stress distribution within the CVD diamond film. In addition, the evolution of Raman line position, line width, and line intensity was monitored as a function of annealing temperature and isothermal holding time. Both (100) and (111) CVD diamond crystals were studied. The detailed evolution of the Raman line width was found to depend on the crystallographic orientation. The temperature dependence of the Raman spectra for CVD and natural diamonds are compared.



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