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Local Measurements of Surfaces Stress

  • Ray D. Twesten (a1) and J. Murray Gibson (a1) (a2)


We have recently developed a method of local stress measurement that can be applied at the submicron level to measure differences in intrinsic stress at both free surfaces and buried interfaces. The method exploits the fact that transmission electron microscopy readily reveals local bulk strain fields produced by surface or interfacial stress differences. Using quantitative image analysis and simulation, we can determine the value of this stress difference. We have successfully applied this technique to the clean Si(111) surface during 7×7-1×1 phase coexistence and have determined the stress difference to be 30±5 meV/Å2.



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Local Measurements of Surfaces Stress

  • Ray D. Twesten (a1) and J. Murray Gibson (a1) (a2)


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