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Lithium-Iodine Intercalation in The Ferroelectric Layered Compound Bi4Ti3O12-x

  • T. Kijima (a1), S. Kimura (a1), Y. Kawahara (a1), K. Ohe (a1), M. Yada (a1) and M. Machida (a1)...


The reaction of Bi4Ti3O12-x with lithium iodide under an atmosphere of iodine at 400°C was found to afford a novel intercalation compound Lil3Bi4Ti3O11. The brownish red bismuth titanate is monoclinic with the lattice parameters of a=5.7417(2), b=5.4016(2), c=36.787(1) Å and ß=88.93(1) deg. The pathway to the new intercalation compound is proposed on the basis of X-ray, XPS, SEM and compositional observations.



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