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Limitations to the use of Sb as a Surfactant During SiGe MBE

  • Glenn G. Jernigan (a1), Conrad L. Silvestre (a1), Mohammad Fatemi (a1), Mark E. Twigg (a1) and Phillip E. Thompson (a1)...


The use of Sb as a surfactant in suppressing Ge segregation during SiGe alloy growth was investigated as a function of Sb surface coverage, Ge alloy concentration, and alloy thickness using xray photoelectron spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, and transmission electron microscopy. Unlike previous studies where Sb was found to completely quench Ge segregation into a Si capping layer, we find that Sb can not completely prevent Ge segregation while Si and Ge are being co-deposited. This results in the production of a non-square quantum well with missing Ge at the beginning and extra Ge at the end of the alloy. We also found that Sb does not relieve strain in thin films but does result in compositional or strain variations within thick alloy layers.



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