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Limitations on Roll Based Microcontact Printing Imposed by Variations in Macro Scale Stamp Dimensions

  • Joseph E. Petrzelka (a1) and David E. Hardt (a1)


Microcontact printing is a versatile patterning technique, but is often limited by deformation of the stamp pattern. This paper examines the sensitivity of stamp pressure distributions to variations in displacement when the microcontact printing stamp is mounted on a rigid roll. To this end, we examine analytic and numeric solutions to the contact problem and verify our models with experimental data. Using these results, we provide insight to process limits imposed by dimensional errors in the printing system.



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Limitations on Roll Based Microcontact Printing Imposed by Variations in Macro Scale Stamp Dimensions

  • Joseph E. Petrzelka (a1) and David E. Hardt (a1)


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