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Light-Intensity Dependence of the Staebler-Wronski Effect in a-Si:H with Various Densities of Defects

  • Minoru Kumeda (a1), Ryohei Sakai (a1), Akiharu Morimoto (a1) and Tatsuo Shimizu (a2)


The light-intensity dependence of the photocreation of dangling bonds (DBs) were investigated for a-Si:H films with increasing density of defects before light soaking. Samples in which the density of neutral DBs had been increased by annealing at 400 C for 1 h exhibited a weak light-intensity dependence of the photocreated DBs compared to that for the as-deposited sample. Furthermore, the sample which had been illuminated with a light intensity of 1 W/cm2 for 1 h also showed a weak dependence. The results can be qualitatively explained by using rate equations for the densities of DBs and floating bonds (FBs) based on the FB-mediated photocreation of DBs. When both the densities of DBs and FBs before illumination increase, the light-intensity dependence of the DB density for a moderate value of the illumination time becomes weaker, qualitatively consistent with the observed results.



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