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Light-Induced Microstructural Ordering: Study Of Lithium-Incorporated Cobalt Oxide Films On Aluminium And Glass Substrate

  • Mahua Das (a1), G. N. Subbanna (a1) and S.A. Shivashankar (a1)


Photocrystallization is a phenomenon whereby an amorphous matrix undergoes structural changes to micro- or nano-crystals upon irradiation with photons. Topologically, a crystalline phase embedded in an amorphous matrix is expected to be advantageous over a fully crystalline phase, in applications such the as cathode material in thin film lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. As this particular microstructural feature provides a high surface area and enables smooth contacts, it may be expected to result in fast ion conduction between cathode and electrolyte, while retaining the electrochemical property associated with the specific crystal structure of the material. Amorphous films of lithium- incorporated cobalt oxide were obtained on glass and aluminium substrate using a sol gel spin-coating technique. The photocrystallization and microstructural changes in these films upon irradiation with unpolarised light were investigated using XRD, SEM, and TEM analysis.



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