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Light-Excitation-Based Spectroscopy of Electronic Defects in Novel Materials

  • A. Castaldini (a1), A. Cavallini (a1) and L. Polenta (a1)


In recent years several spectroscopic methods based on deep level photoionization have been developed because of the demand to investigate materials spreading over a wide range of resistivities. This paper deals with some capacitance- and current-based analyses, that are mature techniques for the characterization of semiconducting as well as semi-insulating materials with respect of deep level identification as well as spatial distribution. Results relevant to novel materials are also reported.



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Light-Excitation-Based Spectroscopy of Electronic Defects in Novel Materials

  • A. Castaldini (a1), A. Cavallini (a1) and L. Polenta (a1)


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