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Light-emitting Polymerizable Liquid Crystals: Micron Scale Photolithographic Patterning and Green Electroluminescence.

  • Matthew P. Aldred (a1), Adam E. A. Contoret (a2), Peter E. Devine (a2), Simon R. Farrar (a3), Robert Hudson (a3), Stephen M. Kelly (a1), Gene C. Koch (a2), Mary O'Neill (a3), Wing C. Tsoi (a3), Kai L. Woon (a3) and Panos Vlachos (a2)...


We report the synthesis of photoreactive and light-emitting liquid crystals which can be patterned photolithographically to form polymer networks for use in organic light-emitting diodes. The resolution capability of the photopatterning is investigated using a phase mask of period one micron to spatially modulate the irradiance of ultraviolet light incident to the monomer thin film. A surface relief grating of the same period and depth 85 nm is formed on exposure and washing. An OLED incorporating a novel green light-emitting liquid-crystal has a luminous efficiency of 4.3 lm W-1 at 100 cd m-2 and gives a luminance of 990 cd m-2 at an operating voltage of 10 V.



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