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Light Trapping in μc-Si:H Thin-film Solar Cells by Back Surface Reflector with Grating Structure Fabricated by Self-ordering Process

  • Hitoshi Sai (a1), Hiroyuki Fujiwara (a2) and Michio Kondo (a3)


Back surface reflectors (BSRs) with grating structures have been developed to enhance light trapping in thin-film microcrystalline Si (μc-Si:H) solar cells. As a grating structure, a periodic honeycomb-like dimple pattern with periods of 100 ˜ 450 nm has been fabricated on Al substrates by a self-ordering process using anodic oxidation of Al. A clear diffraction effect by the grating structure has been confirmed on the patterned Al using angle-dependent reflection measurement. From quantum efficiency measurements, we found that the periodically patterned BSR can confine the incident light effectively, especially at longer wavelengths. Nevertheless, short circuit current densities obtained from the patterned BSRs are rather comparable to that obtained from the random textured substrate. For further improvement of the light-trapping effect by the grating structure, it is necessary to realize higher diffraction efficiencies while maintaining high total reflectivity on the BSR structure.



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