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Light Management Using Periodic Textures for Enhancing Photocurrent and Conversion Efficiency in Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells

  • Hitoshi Sai (a1), Takuya Matsui (a1), Adrien Bidiville (a1), Takashi Koida (a1), Yuji Yoshida (a1), Kimihiko Saito (a2) and Michio Kondo (a1)...


Periodically textured back reflectors with hexagonal dimple arrays are applied to thin-film microcrystalline silicon (μc-Si:H) solar cells for enhancing light trapping. The period and aspect ratio of the honeycomb textures have a big impact on the photovoltaic performance. When the textures have a moderate aspect ratio, the optimum period for obtaining a high short circuit current density (J SC ) is found to be equal to or slightly larger than the cell thickness. If the cell thickness exceeds the texture period, the cell surface tends to be flattened and texture-induced defects are generated, which constrain the improvement in J SC . Based on these findings, we have fabricated optimized μc-Si:H cells achieving a high active-area efficiency exceeding 11% and a J SC of 30 mA/cm2.



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