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Light Emission From Erbium Doped Si1-x XGe1Heterostructures

  • J H Evans-Freeman (a1), A T Naveed (a1), M Q Huda (a2), A R eaker (a1), D C oughton (a3) and A C right (a4)...


UHVCVD-grown SiO.s 7Ge0.13/Si heterostructures have been implanted with erbium, and photoluminescence and electroluminescence centred on 1.54ýim have been studied. Implantation conditions were chosen so that the erbium concentration profile was flat over the spatial location of the SiGe quantum well region. We demonstrate that the technology of implantation and regrowth is feasible even when Si/SiGe interfaces are present. We have obtained more intense photoluminescence from erbium implanted SiGe heterostructures than that from a silicon layer implanted with a higher erbium dose. We report forward bias electroluminescence from the Er doped SiGe/Si heterostructures; the photoluminescence and electroluminescence from these structures demonstrates that the detailed mechanism of excitation is different from the Er:Si case.



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