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LIF Imaging of OH radicals in Atmospheric DC Glow Discharge Using Miniature Gas Flow and Electrolyte Cathode

  • Shusuke Nishiyama (a1), Hiroaki Ishigame (a1), Tomoki Komori (a1) and Koichi Sasaki (a1)


In this paper, we report the spatial distribution of OH radical density in atmospheric-pressure DC glow discharge using a miniature helium flow and an electrolyte cathode. Laser-induced fluorescence imaging was applied for the measurement of the OH radical density. The effect of collisional quenching was considered in obtaining the spatial distribution of the OH density. The spatial distribution of the OH radical density showed that the peak of the OH density was located at a separated distance from the electrolyte surface. However, the OH radicals kept contact with the electrolyte surface. It was suggested that the OH radicals were generated mainly in a region separated from the electrolyte surface and some fraction of the generated OH radicals reached to the liquid phase.



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