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LECs Made of m-Lppp

  • F. P. Wenzl (a1), S. Tasch (a1), J. Gao (a2), L. Holzer (a3), U. Scherf (a1), A.J. Heeger (a2) and G. Leising (a1)...


We report the application of the blue light emitting conjugated polymer m-LPPP (methyl substituted laddertype poly(paraphenylene) ) in light emitting electrochemical cells. The active layer of the LEC consists of a blend of m-LPPP with the ionically conductive polymer PEO and LiCF3SO3 as ionic salt. Investigations of different concentrations of PEO and salt showed that the best LECs made of m-LPPP up to now where realised with an active layer consisting of a blend of m-LPPP:PEO:salt in the range of 20:10:3. In this case we are able to realise LECs with response times in the range of 30 μs. The I/U characteristics show low turn on voltages both for current and electroluminescence, but only in the case of ITO biased as a cathode. The initial electroluminescence spectra are quite the same as those for LEDs made of m-LPPP but turn into green after some time of operation.



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LECs Made of m-Lppp

  • F. P. Wenzl (a1), S. Tasch (a1), J. Gao (a2), L. Holzer (a3), U. Scherf (a1), A.J. Heeger (a2) and G. Leising (a1)...


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