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A Leakage Current Model for “Flash-like”, Non-Volatile Resistive Switch Memory Cell

  • Herbert Schroeder (a1)


An advanced leakage current model combining the electronic carrier injection /ejection at the electrode interfaces (described by thermionic emission) with the film conduction properties of a thin dielectric film (modelled as wide band gap semiconductor) is used to describe the current-voltage (I-V) curve of a flash-like resistive switch memory cell. Such a cell consists of a metal-insulator-metal capacitor structure with some embedded charge storage elements within the dielectric, e.g. a floating electrode (like in the gate of a “Flash”) or some metallic ions or clusters, which can be charged or discharged by an applied voltage or current. The resulting different conductance levels can be used for a resistive switching memory cell. This contribution presents calculated simulation results on I-V curves in dependence on polarity and concentration of the stored charge as well as on other parameters such as dielectric constant, background homogeneous defect densities in the dielectric and electrode properties. These parameters show a large influence on the switching ratio S = R(high) / R(low), an important parameter for the application in a device.



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A Leakage Current Model for “Flash-like”, Non-Volatile Resistive Switch Memory Cell

  • Herbert Schroeder (a1)


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