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Leaching Behavior of Zirconolite-Rich Synroc Used to Immobilize High-Fired Plutonium Oxide

  • K. P. Hart (a1), E. R. Vance (a2), M. W. A. Stewart (a2), J. Weir (a2), M. L. Carter (a2), M. Hambley (a2), A. Brownscombe (a2), R. A. Day (a2), S. Leung (a2), C. J. Ball (a2), B. Ebbinghaus (a3), L. Gray (a3) and T. Kan (a3)...


This study reports on the use of zirconolite-rich Synroc to demonstrate the safe immobilisation of ‘high-fired’ Pu02. The zirconolite-rich Synroc used in this study was prepared by adding 13 wt% Pu with equimolar amounts of Gd and Hf, relative to Pu, as neutron absorbers. The incorporation of the Pu and neutron absorbers has been studied microstructurally as well as by longer-term leach testing. This work has shown that the sintered ceramic can immobilise 13 wt% of Pu with almost complete incorporation of the Pu (≃ 98%) into the zirconolite phase. Durability studies have shown that under a wide range of leaching conditions there is no major separation of the Pu and neutron absorbers, with the majority of these elements either remaining in the matrix or leaching at low (< 10−4 g m−2 d−1) and comparable rates from the waste form.



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