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Layered Nanostructures – Electronic and Mechanical Properties

  • Gotthard Seifert (a1), Tommy Lorenz (a1) and Jan-Ole Joswig (a1)


In addition to graphene, 2D transition-metal chalcogenides as, e.g., MoS2 and WS2 nanostructures are promising materials for applications in electronics and mechanical engineering. Though the structure of these materials causes a highly inert surface with a low defect concentration, defects and edge effects can strongly influence the properties of these nanostructured materials. Therefore, a basic understanding of the interplay between electronic and mechanical properties and the influence of defects, edge states and doping is needed. We demonstrate on the basis of atomistic quantum-chemical simulations of a circular MoS2 platelet, how the mechanical deformation can vary the electronic properties and other device characteristics of such a system.



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Layered Nanostructures – Electronic and Mechanical Properties

  • Gotthard Seifert (a1), Tommy Lorenz (a1) and Jan-Ole Joswig (a1)


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