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Layer-by-layer assembled transparent conductive graphene films for solar cells application

  • Ryousuke Ishikawa (a1), Masashi Bando (a1), Yasuyoshi Kurokawa (a2), Adarsh Sandhu (a1) (a3) and Makoto Konagai (a2) (a4)...


The potential of chemically derived graphene as a solution-processable transparent conductive film has been explored. Synthesis of amine-functionalized graphene oxide was intended for its utilization in layer-by-layer assembly. Layer-by-layer assembly of graphene oxide was utilized to fabricate graphene based thin film in a scalable and highly reproducible way. It was found that optical transmittance and sheet resistance of the film decreases with an increase in number of LBL cycles in a reproducible way. The sheet resistance of LBL-assembled GO film improves by an order of magnitude at the same optical transparency due to more homogeneous coverage and better stacking of graphene flakes. Furthermore, we demonstrated the potential for a large-scale deposition of chemically derived graphene.



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Layer-by-layer assembled transparent conductive graphene films for solar cells application

  • Ryousuke Ishikawa (a1), Masashi Bando (a1), Yasuyoshi Kurokawa (a2), Adarsh Sandhu (a1) (a3) and Makoto Konagai (a2) (a4)...


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